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What We Offer

Find out what Peter Tonge can do to increase accessibility in your organization.
What We Offer

Accessibility Audits:

Our audits extend beyond a measuring tape. Let us work with you to address cultural accommodations, physical modifications, and compliance reporting, surpassing legislative requirements.

Policy Development:

We craft tailored accessibility policies aligning with industry standards including human resources, corporate commitments and Provincial legal requirements, creating a sensible policy environment unique to your organization.

Workshops and Presentations:

Engage your team with interactive sessions, fostering awareness of accessibility principles. Let’s surpass mandatory Provincial accessibility training together, cultivating a culture of belonging and cooperation.

Focus Groups and Consultation:

We bring together a team of experts—people with disabilities—to provide insight and nuance in addressing your organization’s questions. Whether it’s website accessibility, document readability, or customer service, we can assemble our community to offer insight and end-user-built solutions.

Gaps and Barrier Identification and Actioning:

Your organization has it’s own challenges. We conduct assessments to pinpoint accessibility gaps, followed by strategic action plans, defining budgets and work plans, moving your workplace forward to address systemic, attitudinal and physical obstacles.

Training Program Development and Employee and Volunteer Onboarding:

We design customized programs empowering organizations to seamlessly integrate accessibility and diversity. Our comprehensive virtual training platform supports your organization, making accessibility and inclusion training meaningful. We provide employee support and take the workload off your hands so that you can do what you do best. 

Yearly Compliance Reporting and Organizational Goal Setting:

Build a relationship with us! Collaborate on comprehensive yearly compliance reports, gaining insights into your organization’s adherence to accessibility standards. Enhance initiatives, fostering a commitment to long-term inclusivity. Let’s move forward, together!

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