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Accessibility Front and Centre

Older white farmhouse with a porch

Here at Peter Tonge Consulting, we are pleased to announce a new project in partnership with the Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council. The council is currently located in a heritage home in Killarney Manitoba. They are undertaking an expansion and renovation project to make their location more accessible to older patrons and those in the Deaf and disability community.

This project is exciting for many reasons. The council has gathered together accessibility consultants, local designers, and contractors all focused on making the new location as accessible as possible. Each contributor has made inclusion a primary goal. Importantly, this is being done not as an afterthought but during the design stage. As a result, each component will work together to make a very accessible space, and this will be done as cost-effectively as possible. It’s also exciting because I love art, art spaces and being around others who make art!

It is our privilege to be involved so early in this project. We are looking forward to its growth and development over the months ahead.

If you live in the Killarney area, are a person with a disability, an artist, or an art lover, we could use your expertise! I’d love to hear about your experience at the TMAC and your hopes for future improvements. Please reach out! 

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