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Creating a More Accessible Museum – part deux 

I’ve been looking forward to writing Part Two of this post for months. Many of you joined me on this blogging journey via my ‘Creating A More Accessible Museum’ post from October 2023, and I am excited to share this ongoing work with you.

If you love the Canadian Museum for Human Rights like I love the CMHR and believe it is a place of justice and education, then let’s celebrate the great strides their team has made in approaching accessibility at the museum. This has not just been about physical changes and improvements—it has been a cultural shift building a relationship with the Deaf and people with disabilities community. It has been about an investment in making manageable changes that are intrinsically linked to their organizational growth. 

I’m happy to share the ‘Accessibility Plan – A Place of Choice’ for the museum with you. You can find it on the CMHR webpage under ‘Accessibility’ or at the link below. This plan is only as important as the people who read it and implement it. It is one step in the right direction for inclusion and human rights.

Photo:Rosey Goodman

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