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Human Rights Day

The CMHR tower on a winter day.

December 10th marks International Human Rights Day—a day dedicated to recognizing the significance of human rights and reflecting on the progress made in ensuring the fundamental rights and dignity of all. As we celebrate, we can acknowledge the strides Canada has made in disability rights and equity.

I have  dedicated my life to human rights law and advocacy. My favourite is work  supporting others in learning, growing, and educating themselves about the struggles faced by others in our collective lives. I can attest to the constant movement in the human rights field. My inbox, text messages, and the events I attend are consistently filled with new ideas and connections, leading me to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the human rights movement that I am honored to be a part of.

If you’re in Winnipeg, MB, I recommend visiting my friends at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, where they offer free admission on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate each other today and every day.


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