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Private Sector Deadline for Accessibility Plans is June 1, 2024

Accessibility Compliance is the bare minimum

Did you know that June 1, 2024, is an important date for small federally-regulated private sector entities? Businesses with 10 to 99 employees are required to publish their initial accessibility plans according to the Accessible Canada Regulations.

What’s an accessibility plan? It’s a document that outlines how businesses intend to remove barriers in various areas, with a specific focus on employment practices. The plan is developed through consultations with individuals with disabilities to ensure it genuinely addresses their needs, as mandated by the Act, section 5(a).

For small federally-regulated private sector employers, like telecommunications companies, transportation, and banks, this means finding ways to make employment practices and hiring processes more accessible. Whether it’s reevaluating recruitment strategies or incorporating inclusive employment practices, businesses need to make a plan to create a more accessible work environment.

Got questions or need guidance on starting your business’s accessibility plan? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out with your inquiries on progressing your accessibility plan. We can move forward, together! 

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