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What are Gaps? What are Barriers?

In our journey toward creating truly inclusive spaces, it’s crucial to understand the profound difference between a gap and a barrier.

A gap represents the space between where we currently stand and where we want to be. It’s a void that, when identified, becomes an opportunity for growth and improvement. When it comes to accessibility, acknowledging these gaps is the first step in our collective commitment to progress.

On the other hand, a barrier signifies an obstacle that stands in our way. It’s a challenge that requires strategic action, thoughtful planning, and a collaborative effort to dismantle. Recognizing barriers is an invitation to break down walls, creating pathways for everyone to navigate a space with comfort, ease, and that perfect feeling when they know they belong.

As I work with others to pinpoint and pull apart these accessibility gaps and barriers, I always remember the important piece. To work alongside the community to bridge the divide and tear down the obstacles. Through comprehensive assessments and strategic action plans, we redefine spaces, making them not just accessible but welcoming for all.

I know many organizations are looking at their gaps and barriers right now as they review their Accessibility Plans. Please reach out if you have questions or need support. This is the work we do! 

Accessibility is inclusive!


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