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What exactly do you do again?

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Welcome to the new year everyone! I wanted to take a minute to share a little bit about Peter Tonge Consulting. I have a bunch of new followers (Hi!) and you might be wondering what it is that I do. 

Here at Peter Tonge Consulting, we frequently receive requests to help create inclusive spaces. However, accessibility is not a one-time fix; it’s an ongoing journey and to make real progress, we always recommend prioritizing collaboration with those who intimately understand the challenges—people with disabilities. So I spend a lot of time connecting with my peers. 

When it comes to our contracts, once we receive the green light to develop plans and suggest improvements, we involve these experts to ensure practical, thoughtful, and nuanced solutions. This collaborative process provides us with something that equips decision-makers with a clearer roadmap. But it has to be more than just a list of suggestions. 

At the heart of our approach when working with organizations, municipalities, and other institutions is confidence-building. By educating on the value of insights from those with disabilities, we generate nimble solutions. However, teams will not take action on these solutions unless we start with a shared understanding of do-able projects that enhance overall accessibility. Our impact must be integrated. We aim to expand a team’s knowledge and support them in making changes that align with their other plans for growth. It’s about taking manageable steps. Accessibility is an integral part of Strategic Plans; it is a component of Equity Plans and Corporate Plans. It touches all aspects of work and community.

While we can’t address every barrier in the work we do with others, we strive to set the stage for continuous improvement. In this way, accessibility becomes a series of doable projects that not only meet objectives but can also empower your team with the confidence to think inclusively and build a culture of change. 

Thank you for joining me here! I’ve been enjoying connecting with new and old friends. Let’s move forward together! 

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